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Will Build All Types Of Ideas
Style & Design
Applying original styling languages and modern styling frameworks to a developing web based world. As simple or complicated as it may be, anything is possible, as I make sure you have the style you want to represent your product.
Fast development
Using the newest tools and development methods, I will make any deadline set, and will be an asset when needing changes done quickly. Scaling up or creating from ground up, the finished product will have a modern, responsive, and activated user experience.
Completely Open Sourced
I have always supported the open source community and contribute to github and stackoverflow forums. The support and quality of open source tools help fuel a fluid internet that will continue to flourish as we perfect the flow of all the tools.
Dreams of your own site becoming reality have never been closer
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Will Build All Types Of Ideas
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Anthony Pekearo
Two and a half years of solid coding, has only made me fall more into the groove of making amazing programs. Its a multifaceted industry that keeps me on my toes and I like that. When I make a project plan with someone, I work night and day to get it done as quickly as possible. I have a solid support group from schooling at University of Texas in Austin, and a good group of friends that help me stay creative when building projects. I have a good time coding things out. Let's work together!
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Email me about a job, an idea, or just to say hello! Thank You All!! phone 817-Six6 Eight8 Eight8-3665 place Austin,TX US email
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